About us

The Perfect Bride – We have been in business for nine years, and service more than 20 fashion boutiques, including CANN’S, White Room Bridal, Max Mara, Moda Blu, Von Troska, and Blooms. To learn more about our our customers and see testimonials Click Here.

You can depend on Sew Special’s highly experienced tailors because:

  • We absolutely guarantee the quality of our work.
  • We are expert communicators. We never assume we know what you want – if anything is unclear we check directly with you.
  • Every garment goes through our intensive quality control system.
  • If a problem ever arises, we don’t believe in arguing about it – we just fix it.
  • We would love to be your exclusive tailor, but if you already have someone you are satisfied with, we are happy to be your back-up tailor.

You can either send the alterations to us directly, or if you prefer, you can send your clients to us, using these discount vouchers.

Please call us on this number 02 9261 3550 if you need anything at all.